Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 82) Property

Nadja has been watching the time on her silenced cell phone as she waits for Carl to arrive. The wind has become much colder than it was when she first took shelter from the path. She has been peeking through the stacks of logs this entire time and has yet to see Aaron or Carl pass by. She just knew it had to be Aaron she heard on the path behind her but if that were true, she wonders where he could be now. Does he know she is hiding? Did he see her step off the path?

“I hear something.” She whispers to herself as she peers through the neatly stacked wood.

Looking down at her phone she realizes whomever is making the sound cannot be Carl, it will be another ten minutes before he will have had time to get here. Clear and distinct steps are getting closer and closer as her heart begins to beat faster. The sound of shoes hitting the gravel echoes off the silence in the air and then he appears. It is a brief two seconds as she watches the man pass from right to left.

“That is not Aaron.” Nadja says with much relief.

She smiles as she relaxes and leans her back up against the wall of the hut. Closing her eyes for several, seconds she gathers her emotions and calms herself down with full deep breaths.

“Maybe the man who walked past is just a hiker.” She deduces as she stands up and brushes dirt and leaves from her pants. “I hope Carl will not be too angry with me for calling him, I feel silly now.” She mumbles to herself as she begins to step around the woodpile.

At this moment, she hears Carl yell something as he comes up the trail and then her worst fear appears as Aaron steps into view. She rushes back behind the stacks of wood just as Aaron turns his back to the little hut and her in order to respond to Carl’s request.

“What can I help you with?” Aaron questions as if Carl is the one in the wrong.

“This is private property, my property, and I want to know what you are up to.” Carl states as he now enters the clearing where Aaron is standing.

“I was just going for a little hike, sorry but I did not see any signs posted that said I could not enter this beautiful area.” Aaron states in a calm tone as he tugs at the plaid scarf wrapped around his neck.

“Well I will be sure to get more signs out immediately so there will not be another misunderstanding.” Replies Carl. “In the meantime I will have to ask you to leave.” He states firmly.


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  1. I knew it! I knew Aaron would show up!

    September 21, 2016 at 1:39 pm

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