Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 83) Directing

Both men are of the same height. Carl may actually be a slight bit taller than Aaron and in no manner does Carl seem intimidated by Aaron’s equally strong and much younger presence.

“Is it such a crime for a man to walk along this path? What do you have hidden up there, gold?” Aaron asks in a charming way as he follows this question with a laugh. “I just want to take a few pictures of this amazing view, maybe pitch a tent and spend one night in this peaceful place.”

Nadja knows Aaron is plotting his moves to befriend Carl so he can continue up the mountain to the cottage. She has witnessed it time and time again where he manages to sweeten his demeanor until the individual he is talking to gives in. She knows this first hand, for he would do this with her, in one form or another, almost every single day.

“I have to agree with you, the view is magnificent, but it belongs to me.” Carl states firmly. “Plus, I cannot buy into a story about pitching a tent to a man dressed in suit pants, a wool overcoat, and is not carrying a backpack or even a bottle of water with him.” Carl replies as he steps to the side and holds his hand out directing Aaron to return in the direction in which he came from.

Silently, Nadja grins for she has never witnessed someone actually getting the upper hand on Aaron in such a way. Carl has noticed everything wrong with this situation and pointed it out quite clearly. No wonder Aunt Josephine was so smitten by him. He is very kind yet handles business and confrontations in a sharp and controlled manner. It is with amazement that she watches Aaron nod his head in understanding. Yet, he grins with the typical arrogance she has come to recognize so well.

“I can’t pull the wool over your eyes now can I?” Aaron states as he holds out his hand for a handshake.

“I’ve been around a long time and I’ve seen just about all there is to see so no, it takes a lot to get past me.” Carl replies as he quickly shakes Aaron’s hand and again gestures for Aaron to leave.


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