Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 86) Comforting

“Alright, let’s give this place a thorough check so I won’t be up all night worried sick about you.” Carl says as he opens the door and steps inside the cottage.

Turning all of the lights on, everything appears to be in its proper place and all doors and windows are sealed tight. Carl heads toward the back of the house to the door that leads outside from the kitchen.

“Before it starts to get completely dark, I want to check the outside perimeter. I’ll be back in a minute or two.” He says just before he pulls the door shut behind him.

With the chilly air moving in from the north, the cottage feels cool and damp so Nadja works on getting a fire started in the fireplace. By the time Carl comes back inside, the little house feels toasty and comforting. He stands near the fireplace holding his hands out to warm them.

“Well Nadja dear, I do not see anything that would tell me someone has been snooping around. There are no tracks, footprints, or broken twigs that would indicate you have a peeping tom.” Carl laughs. “I’m wondering if maybe you were so upset that possibly you saw Aaron walk past and then he turned around and walked by again to respond to me.”

“Well, maybe.” Nadja replies, but she does not fully believe this to be the case. “I have been very tired lately. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me.”

As if reading her like a book, Carl looks at her with squinting eyes knowing good and well she is not being completely honest. It is obvious to him she is worried.

“The offer still stands, if I need to take you into town or if you’d rather stay at my place, I can fix up a pretty comfortable sofa for you.” Carl says as he turns to warm his hands a bit longer.

“No, I think I will be okay, you have made me feel much better.” She replies.

“Just to be safe, let’s prop chairs under the door handles to create another lock of sorts. It will just be another barrier to break down if anyone does try to get inside.” Carl takes one of the chairs from the kitchen table and props it under the back door of the cottage. “Before you go to bed tonight, put the other chair under the handle of the front door.” Carl pauses with a scowl as if he is confused. “Oh! I almost forgot.” He says with urgency. “The passageway! I need to show you where it is!”


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  1. I adore Carl.

    September 30, 2016 at 3:47 pm

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