Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 87) Snug

This intrigues Nadja for she never knew, even after all these years, that some underground tunnel was here. It almost bothers her a bit that aunt Josephine never shared this secret with her, but then again there was no reason to. Following Carl around the corner of the kitchen to cross through the living room, he stops and takes a wooden chair from its place next to the fireplace and jams the back of it under the handle of the front door.

“There, now we have both the front and the back locked up snug.” He grins.

Nadja notices the stack of wood that she brought in for the fireplace has been disturbed which she finds odd. It causes her to give it a second glance but she just assumes the logs shifted and fell. She picks up the rogue log and places it back on the top of the stack, then continues to follow Carl into her aunt’s bedroom.

It is funny to her how this big man dwarfs the tiny rooms of the cottage, yet he fits in so perfectly as well. Nadja observes him as he goes over to the right side of her aunt’s bedroom to the wall that backs up against the kitchen. The many bookshelves and inset units of cabinets in this quaint dwelling are a bit deceiving for Carl unhooks what looks like a simple lock on a cabinet door and the bottom half quietly swings open. He steps down onto a ladder and pushes a switch on the wall, which brightens the room below.

“No way, you have got to be kidding me.” Nadja says as she steps closer to the opening and looks down at Carl.

“Come on down here Nadja. You should see it for what it is, never know when you may want to use it.” He laughs. “It is definitely a great way to travel when there is a deep snowfall on the ground up above.” Carl says happily. “In fact, I’ve used it for that very reason many times. It stays rather cozy too with an average year round temperature, much like a cave.”


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