Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 89) Real Life

“So I’ve made it here,” Viktor says to himself in his dream. “It definitely took me longer this time, that path was gruesome!” He laughs. “Not sure what that was all about but I bet I’ll find out soon enough.”

As he steps up to the door of the cottage, he slowly reaches out to turn the handle to enter when there is a loud rustling in the woods to his left. As he stops and turns to see what or who is making all the noise, he sees a man who is very large in size, swiftly walking toward him. The only logical thing to do is enter the dwelling as quickly as possible and lock the door, which is exactly what Viktor does.

Once inside, Viktor continues to back up until he nearly falls over several logs that have been neatly stacked on the floor near the fireplace. One is loose and topples onto the hardwood flooring but he does not attempt to fix it. He is very unsure about what is happening and is trying to think of what he will do if the man comes crashing in. He stands frozen in place but nothing happens. All is quiet until he hears voices reverberating from the kitchen.

Peering around the corner, he sees the young woman he continues to run into during his nighttime travels. He truly believes this to be the girl named Sam from the dream blog yet this big older man keeps calling her Nadja. The conversation between she and the man is very cordial and she allows this visitor to come inside the cottage.

Viktor runs to the bedroom that is to the left of the front entrance to the cabin. As he slips around the corner of the door, he pulls it away from the wall just enough for him to hide behind and view this interaction. Peeking out through the space between the door hinges, he watches as the two individuals walk across the main room, only pausing as the older man takes a chair from the fireplace and places the back of it under the doorknob of the front door.

“Lucky they didn’t do that before I forced my way in.” Viktor thinks to himself.

After a few words, they proceed to the bedroom on the other side of the cottage. Oddly, the young woman stops at the stack of logs and picks up the one Viktor disturbed on his frantic arrival.

“What? It’s as if I’m really here interacting with them, but it’s a dream right?” Viktor murmurs to himself. “So are we sharing the same dream or am I actually interacting with real life?”


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