Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 90) Force

Viktor continues to watch through the gap between the door and wall and can hear their voices, but in no way can he make out exactly what they are saying. He hears the word passageway and sees them open a portion of the bookshelf and step inside, as if going under the building. After several seconds of quietness from the other room, Viktor begins to think of how he is going to leave the house without being noticed, but he also wonders if he should simply step out and say hello.

“No, that would scare the living daylights out of her.” He mumbles as he looks toward the wall. “Oh you have got to be kidding me.” He says happily after noticing what has appeared next to him.

There, on the wall, with the living room on the other side, is a door. Just like the other mystery doors that have appeared and it too does not match up with the decor of this little place. Besides that, if it was just a regular entrance, it would simply open up to the living room. He can hear the young woman coming back across the room so he gently pops the mystery door open and steps inside. Instantly, as soon as the door pulls shut, he finds himself outside and on the path where this entire dream started, except now it is incredibly dark outside.

“What the? Why?” Viktor questions with disappointment as he turns to see if he can simply step back through the opening.

Standing here on this long dark path, Viktor sees no other option available but to walk the length of it all over again. The doorway from the cottage that he just stepped through is nowhere to be found and all around him is darkness full of nocturnal nature. To his left is a small structure with a dim light on it and he does not recall seeing this before.

“I was preoccupied with the older woman on my first go.” He explains to himself.

Just as Viktor begins to take his first step in the direction of the little rangers hut, he hears footsteps behind him and they are coming his way.

The air around him has changed and he feels very nervous and somewhat intimidated by the figure he sees down the path. Quietly slipping into the small grove of trees, he kneels down to allow the person to pass without them noticing him. Anger is encroaching on Viktor and it is not because of himself. No, this feeling is like a force field around the man on the path and with it, he emits a fierce determination.

“Oh no, I think that is the man I saw when I was behind the mirror of the cabinet.” Viktor says in his mind. “He is the guy who was standing at the window, pounding on the glass. The same guy who was at the front door, breaking it down and causing that poor girl to scream like I’ve never heard in my life.” He thinks to himself as he watches this tall man pass by. “I have to get to the little cabin before him, but how?”


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