Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 91) Coincidence

Viktor looks around at the dark woods and then remembers what the older woman said. “Keep your eyes open, remember the way, and no matter what, do not stop for anything. Do you understand?”

“I do remember the way.” Viktor says in his mind. “If I recall the twists and turns of the path correctly, I should have no problem finding my way back, but how do I get ahead of this goon?”

At that moment, the sound of a cell phone ringing echoes eerily out into the night. After three rings, the man on the path answers his phone and begins conversing with the person on the line. The stress and rage from this man seems to be intensifying as he paces back and forth across the path.

“I don’t care what your opinion is about Nadja, I am going to find her, bring her home, and straighten everything out.” He hears the man say. “No! I am certain she is here and I will not be leaving alone, you can count on that!” He yells. “She is mine and I will not stop until this childish incident of hers is put to rest, one way or the other!” He is practically screaming at this point. “No one gets the upper hand on me and I don’t care what I have to do, or who I have to take out to clear this ridiculous blemish she has imposed on me!”

The man is so engrossed in the phone conversation that he even passes back by where Viktor is hiding, heading in the wrong direction on the path. It is at this tense moment that Viktor decides to try to start moving toward the cottage. Slowly and with precise steps, he inches out of the grove of trees.

The light from the man’s cell phone is an excellent guide, for Viktor can tell he is still walking back down the path in the opposite direction. Staying just off to the side of the gravel trail, Viktor’s steps are soft and almost undetectable and just as the older woman told him, he remembers almost every inch of the path to come. Just a few feet away will be a curve and he plans to start sprinting as soon as he gets there.

“So who is Nadja?” Viktor thinks to himself. “I know this is the name of the girl in the cottage for the older man kept calling her Nadja. So, if this guy is after Sam, then he is definitely heading to the wrong house.” He thinks to himself as he tries to piece all of the details together. “Maybe it is not Sam I am seeing in the dream after all. Maybe my description of this place is pure coincidence.”


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