Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 92) Observing

Viktor has made it to the curve and as he looks back, there is no longer a glowing light from the man’s cell phone, which means he must be back on track and is now following. Instantly, Viktor begins the fastest run he has every made and being that he can control some of the circumstances in this dream state, his run is easy and incredibly swift. Nearly out of breath though, he makes it around a final bend on the trail and can see the glow of lights from inside the cottage up ahead. He wants to run right up to the door and begin knocking but knows how odd this would be. Then he stops and almost laughs.

“This is not real.” He says to himself. “It’s a damn dream! I can do whatever I want.”

Just as he realizes this revelation and ducks behind the shrubs in the garden, the man steps into the glowing streaks of light coming from the main room of the cabin. He walks directly up to the glass and peers inside. Seemingly frustrated that no one is in sight, he begins to walk around to the back of the building. Moving in closer and ducking behind a flowering shrub, Viktor picks up a pebble and tosses it at the window hoping this will attract the woman inside so he can warn her of this possible intruder. Sure enough, the girl walks up to the glass, cups her hands around her eyes, and peers out into the night. Viktor is about to stand up when he hears the man coming back his way.

“Damn it.” He murmurs as he ducks back down out of sight.

Oddly, the man stands just off to the side and watches the woman as she peers out the window again. He is not attempting to hide himself and it appears to Viktor that he actually wants her to see him observing her. However, the woman merely backs away from the glass, turns out the light and a dimmer glow appears in the room Viktor knows to be the woman’s bedroom. The large man begins to move in the direction of the door when Viktor comes rushing out of the dream and finds himself face down on the floor of his apartment.

“Oh my neck hurts.” He mumbles as he rolls over and realizes he rolled off the sofa. “That guy is going to break in.” He says as he looks up at the ceiling still trying to recover from this mysterious twist in his dream. “I wonder if the site is finally back up.” He says as he quickly stands up and goes over to his laptop.

He clicks on the tab for the dream site and sure enough, it is up and running correctly. Signing in, he immediately scrolls through the list of active bloggers looking to see if Soapsuds1920s is online, but it does not appear that she is. Without losing the memories of his latest dream experience, Viktor starts drafting a note lining out all of the details.


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