Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 93) Sitting

With Carl now on his way home through the tunnel, Nadja feels better about his hour-long walk. At least half of it will be in the secure underground passage. In addition, she is hopeful he placed enough fear in Aaron to keep him from attempting another trip up the mountain. However, she knows how determined Aaron can be at times and that the possibility of him knocking on her door is probable. It may not be tonight or even tomorrow, but when he feels the time is right he will make an attempt. After all, he had to travel many hours to get to the village in the first place and Aaron is not the type to leave empty-handed.

“I hate myself so much for getting involved with him in the first place.” Nadja says to herself as she walks from her aunts’ room to the living room.

She turns a lamp on next to the sofa and proceeds to the kitchen to prepare something to eat. She no sooner gets to the refrigerator when she hears a loud pop on the window of the living room. It reminds her of the sounds she heard her first night here and at that time she deduced this was merely due to the temperature changes affecting the glass. Besides her thoughts on this, she decides to look out the window for no other reason but to ease her own mind. Walking up to the glass, she cups her hands around her eyes and looks out at the flower garden that is now draped in darkness.

“I can’t see a thing.” She says to herself as she backs away from the window and switches the light off.

Nadja walks to her bedroom and turns on the small lamp next to her bed. She tucks her laptop under her arm and now with the front of the house mostly dark, she walks back to the living room and looks out once more. However, just like before, she does not see anything that should concern her.

“I’m starving, I need to eat.” She mumbles as she heads to the kitchen and sets her laptop on the table.

While in town earlier, Nadja purchased a package of shaved turkey and fresh bread along with a few other items of necessity. Everything is still neatly packed in the bag she carries for trips into town and luckily, with the cool weather of the season, the items are still fresh and ready to eat. Quickly she makes a couple of small sandwiches and opens a bag of potato chips. Sitting at the kitchen table, she decides to visit the dream blog to see what everyone is discussing tonight. Mostly, she would like to see if VikT1000 has experienced any recent dreams for he has not blogged for the past few days.

“Oh my gosh! Sam. I just noticed you signed in!” Viktor writes as soon as he realizes Nadja’s web identifier popped onto the blog. “Are you okay?” He questions and before he realizes how this might frighten her, he hits send. “No you idiot!” Viktor says to himself.


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