Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 94) Name

“Hi Viktor, yes I’m fine.” Nadja writes back. “Why do you ask? Have you been dreaming again?” She replies almost in a joking manner yet a bit concerned as well.

“I just woke from one and I did not like it one bit.” Viktor replies a little apprehensive in telling her about the experience, yet with the names not matching he wonders if the visions pertain to her at all. “I’m not so sure now that I am seeing your place in my wanderings. The girl in my dream is named Nadja, not Sam.”

In reading Viktor’s note, Nadja’s heart skips a beat and chills run up her spin so swiftly she immediately turns around in her chair believing she will see Aaron or someone else standing behind her. She reads the words again and there is no mistake in what he said. He knows her real name.

“Is this a trick?” She asks herself as she presses her back up against the kitchen wall. “How in the world could he know my name?” Panic floods her mind as she sits there in disbelief.

“I suppose it is just coincidence that the cabin in my dream resembles your home. Anyhow, while I was stumbling around at this girl’s house, I tripped over the wood in her living room and she actually noticed it!” Viktor types in his note.

As Nadja reads this, she raises her hand to her mouth in shock. This happened, here in her cottage only minutes ago! She remembers nearly tripping over the log that had fallen from the stack and wondered how it got there!

“I thought for sure I was caught but thankfully one of those mystery doors formed next to me and I walked through it. The damn thing took me all the way down the trail that leads to her house and I had to walk the crazy thing all over again! It was dark as midnight outside too!” Viktor quickly types. “I was fortunate enough to run into the older woman earlier, when I was on the path to begin with, she basically told me to remember the way to the cabin, well she called it a cottage. Anyhow, she told me that and now I know why. It was because I had to navigate it at night with some six-foot half crazed dude ranting on his cell phone on my heels!”

Ex 94

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