Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 95) Who

Immediately, Nadja pushes her laptop away from her a few inches. She is trembling with fear at how the details Viktor is sharing are so very familiar to her. His description of the path and an angry man on his phone following, along with the woman giving him directions are all relative to her life. She has not replied to any of Viktor’s current messages and there is a long pause before he reaches out to her.

“Sam? Are you there?” Viktor types. “Did I say something that upset you? Oh! I just remembered, there is a hidden room or tunnel or something in this place, an older man was there at first and that is how he left. I just think it was an awesome dream until the guy on the cell phone started snooping around the cabin. He went around back and I tossed a pebble at the large window at the front to try to get the girls attention. I felt like I needed to get her out of there before this guy broke in, but he came back to the front and that’s when I woke up.”

“Sam?” Viktor questions again as he waits for this new-found friend to reply, or comment, but he does not receive either. “I wonder if the site is down again or something, she just stopped responding.” He mumbles to himself as he pulls up the name of one of his friends. “Let’s see, I’ll message Phil and see if he gets my note.”

Within seconds of Viktor sending a message to his friend Phil, a reply comes back with a sarcastic message that causes Viktor to laugh.

“Well that is proof the site is still working.” Viktor says in a lighthearted way. “I wish I knew what Sam was thinking, I must have scared her. Maybe this all hit too close to home for her or something.” He says aloud.

In the little kitchen of the cottage, Nadja is sitting with her knees pulled up to her chin as she huddles on the chair. The thoughts in her mind are jumbled and racing from one incident to the next. She is frantic, worried, and scared out of her mind. Everything Viktor spoke of is true. It is as if he was standing in the same room with her and Carl. The popping sound that caused her to look out the front window, that had to be Viktor. It is at this moment Nadja truly begins to lose control.

“Is Viktor Aaron? Or are they working together to frighten me?” Nadja questions as she reaches up and flips the switch that turns all of the kitchen lights off. “Is this all a trick? Am I being watched by Aaron or Viktor right now?” At this moment, anger sets in.

“Who the hell are you?” She replies to Viktor.


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