Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 96) Faint

A bit shocked by the question asked by Nadja, Viktor writes a quick note back.

“My name is Viktor, we’ve already done our introductions, or so I thought. Are you okay? What did I say for you to ask me that? I’m very sorry if I offended you, Sam.” Viktor states honestly.

“How is it you know my real name is Nadja? How could you possibly know about my aunt’s cottage if you aren’t standing outside spying on me?” Nadja replies as tears begin to roll down her cheeks. “If you are working with Aaron then I hate everything about you and never want to speak to you again!” She continues. “Only a sneaky deceptive person would know all the details you have described!” Without hesitation, she pulls the screen of her laptop down but not far enough to shut it off.

The night air suddenly seems to have dropped several degrees for Nadja is now shivering and cold. Sitting alone in the kitchen, she covers her face with her hands as she weeps. Not only is she upset by this run of messages but she fears that Aaron and possibly Viktor are camping out in the woods. She believes they are somewhere close so they can keep an eye on her but also hiding and undetected, for Carl found nothing when he searched.

“That’s it.” She says to herself as she sits in the dark kitchen. “Viktor had to have been the first man on the path, the one that walked past the ranger’s hut before Aaron and Carl. I knew I saw another man.” She sits up straight. “I know they are out there and now Viktor is probably reporting back to Aaron telling him I am aware of what they are doing.”

The adrenaline rushing through her veins is more than she can handle and as soon as she stands up, she begins to faint and then stumbles, collapsing onto the cold hard floor.


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