Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 98) Conclusion

Nadja is not sure if it is the feeling of the hard cold floor that has stirred her from her fainting spell, or if something else has awakened her. Slowly pulling herself into a sitting position, she remains on the floor until her head clears. The soft glow from her partially closed laptop offers little light to the room, but through the doorway to the living room, she sees a soft glow coming from her bedroom.

“Did I turn that on?” She questions as she touches the side of her head that hit the floor. “What happened?” She mumbles as she holds onto the chair to assist her in standing up. “Did someone break in?”

Looking around she can see that the chair Carl placed under the handle of the kitchen door is still secure and the windows are closed. Leaning to look around at the front door, she sees that it too has not been disturbed. At this moment, she is still confused as to why she was laying on the floor but then she remembers the run of messages between her and Viktor.

“Oh that’s right, I remember what Viktor and I were discussing.” She slowly opens her laptop.

The light it emits is too bright for her and she holds her hand to her eyes to protect them. She is still connected to the dream blog but it appears Viktor has left. Once her eyes adjust, she reads the last lines he submitted to her.

“For some reason my dreams have been circling around you and I have no control over that. I’m so sorry I have upset you but please know I would never be a willing participant to the things you are accusing me of.”

She looks down at her hands as if the truth is written there but her confusion is still in control of her thinking. She just stares at her palms and fingers for several minutes and comes to a final conclusion; to her, there is no other explanation to the knowledge Viktor has of her life other than he is telling a lie.

“Please, talk to me.” She reads on. “I truly believe you are in danger and I want to help. Tell me where you are.”

“I think you know good and well where I am.” Nadja whispers as she pushes the lid of the laptop down, but again, not far enough for it to go into sleep mode. “I don’t feel well, I need lie down.” She mumbles as she staggers to her bedroom.


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