Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 99) Tonight

It takes only a matter of seconds for Nadja to drift off to sleep. Three hours deeper in time, Viktor is about to do the same. Once he conducted his research and found the location he feels certain is the village from his dreams, he scheduled himself a flight, which is leaving at six in the morning. With his bags packed and sitting just inside his apartment door, he is anxious to get going. In his heart, he knows exactly where he is heading and once there, feels he can find Nadja. That is if no one else beats him to her.

Viktor cannot explain it, but he has an overwhelming need to help Nadja. She has been an intricate part of his dreams for months now and to actually interact and have conversations with this mystery girl is so bizarre. Yet, there has to be something to it, for some reason there is a connection between them and he is not about to let anything happen to her.

“Can the night move any slower?” Viktor grumbles as he prepares to go to bed.

After walking and somewhat pacing through the few rooms of his apartment, he feels confident he has everything neatly put away and the proper items packed for his early morning trip.

“Okay, so once I get there I need to really visualize where her cabin or cottage is, or whatever I’m supposed to call it, so I can get there somewhat undetected.” He says aloud as he sets his shoes on the floor near his bags. “I haven’t had a good enough look at the big younger guy who I guess is Aaron.” He says almost in a question. “That is the dude I hope to avoid.” He looks up at the clock. “Maybe I will have enough time to fall into a deep dream state and manipulate my vision enough to give myself all the answers.”

With that said, Viktor crawls into bed, sets the alarm on his clock as well as his phone, and pulls the sheet and blanket up, nearly covering his head. The night air is cold and even though the apartment is encased top, bottom and on two sides by other living spaces, the outdoor temperature seems to be in control tonight. It appears a heavy frost is setting in as Viktor ignores the murmurs and sounds echoing through the thin walls of what he calls home. No, tonight he must concentrate on finding the way to the beautiful girl of his dreams and protecting her from harm.


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