Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 100) Treetops

The mountain air is heavy with dew as the moon begins to rise in the east. Thin wispy clouds drifting across the sky assist in casting a haunting glow across the meadows and trees of the landscape. Waves are gently lapping against the shoreline of the lake with little twinkles of moonlight flickering in random order to the movement of the water. Secretive places are full of shadows and darkness as the night progresses and all grows quiet.

Nadja has been asleep for nearly an hour and as she sinks deeper into her restfulness, she begins to dream of her aunt Josephine. They are walking through the woods, not on a path manmade, but on a dirt trail used by the many wildlife creatures that roam throughout the area. Small birds flutter by as if following along to eavesdrop on the conversation between the two women.

“Are you happy?” The elder of the two asks.

“Being here with you? Yes, I always feel happy with you and I miss you so very much.” Nadja replies as she looks up at the sunlight glistening through the yellow leaves of the trees.

“It is nice to be here with you too.” Josephine says as she takes Nadja’s hand in hers, much like a mother would to a daughter. “But in your life, with the changes you made, are you happy?”

After a long pause for a moment of thinking, Nadja stops walking and turns to look at her aunt. There is a breeze blowing up through the canyon with a course that makes its way through the trees and along the trail. Josephine’s brown hair is loose and long with only a small section held in place at the nape of her neck by an antique barrette. To Nadja, her elder relative looks young and vibrant in this natural light and the softness of her skin is as creamy in color as porcelain.

“How did you do it?” Nadja poses this question to her aunt.

“Live here alone all these years?” Josephine asks and Nadja answers her with a nod yes. “I was never alone my dear. Look around you at the beauty that surrounds us. Look at all the living things that have followed us here with inquisitive minds. Look up at the treetops and clouds.” She says with a smile. “I was never alone and neither are you, you just have to find your peace. You have to make the happiness that only you know will fulfill your life. You have control of your own destiny my dearest. You are far stronger than you could ever imagine.”


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