Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 101) Thoughts

Josephine wraps her arms around her niece pulling her into a loving and warm embrace. Tears well up in Nadja’s eyes for she now realizes she is in a dream state and that her aunt is not actually here. Everything she is feeling and experiencing is merely a collection of memories and images of when her aunt was alive. Nadja closes her eyes and wonders if her aunt knows she is dead, does she realize she is not among the living?

“I could always read your thoughts and today is no different.” Aunt Josephine states with a grin. “Who is to say I am not still alive, I am here now, holding you. What rule must we go by that states I no longer exist?” She leans her forehead against Nadja’s as the two look each other in the eyes. “It’s okay.” She says in a whisper to her niece. “I have an understanding and I always knew there was more. I will always be with you my dear girl. Be strong yet kind, be swift but soft, be you and nothing less. I believe in you, it’s time you believe in yourself.”

From laying on her right side in bed, Nadja rolls over to the left and while still asleep, grins at the wise words her aunt spoke in her dream. Standing just outside the window, with a determined glare focused on Nadja, is Aaron. He has been waiting until she fell asleep to enter the cottage and from there, it is uncertain as to what his next move will be. Due to the manner in which Nadja left him and her unresponsiveness to his phone calls, he is certain she has been cheating on him with another man.

Aaron is not the type to be played with and even though Nadja is not guilty of such a charge, in Aaron’s twisted mind, several scenarios are possible. All of course, do not include the real fact that he is a horrible, selfish and manipulative as well as abusive person. No, in his mind, he is quite a catch and his behavior is above the standard for a man his age. Slowly he backs away from the window leaving only a quickly dissipating fog on the glass where he was breathing.


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