Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 102) Vandalism

Hiding behind the darkness of trees and shrubs, Aaron makes his way to the backside of the little house. He works on the lock of the back door but once the knob turns, the chair placed there for extra protection does not allow entry. Frustrated by the time wasted, he pulls another tool out of his pocket. Quietly, he cuts a circle in one of the small panes of glass in the kitchen window. It is large enough for his hand to fit through and unlatch the lock. Easing the window open, he is finally able to crawl inside the room. Very quietly, he closes the window and pulls the curtain across the small opening in the glass. He is hopeful his vandalism will go undetected, just in case he cares to sneak in again. Walking across the room, he is now standing in the kitchen next to Nadja’s laptop.

“Well what have we here?” Aaron whispers to himself as he lifts the screen until it lights up.

In Nadja’s confused state, she forgot to log out of the dream blog and shut her laptop down for the night. Aaron slowly and quietly walks to the entrance of Nadja’s bedroom and looks in to find she is in a deep sleep. Walking back to the kitchen he begins to read the lines written by Viktor.

“So some quack thinks he is visiting her in his dreams?” Aaron shakes his head and grins at how insane this seems.

He scrolls back through the blog entries all the way to the beginning where he sees that Viktor had helped Nadja in the past. This sends an instant flow of rage through Aaron and the more he reads, the more he begins to boil.

“How dare she be talking to some other man!” Aaron grumbles as he grits his teeth and glares in the direction of her bedroom. “Oh, if she thinks this is over, she is so very terribly wrong.” He mumbles angrily. “I can make your life miserable little one, just you wait and see.”

Aaron starts to push the laptop off the table but then a much more spiteful idea comes to mind as he turns the laptop toward him and he begins to type.

“VikT1000, I despise everything about you and never wish to speak with you again. Do not write or try to contact me in any way!” Aaron smirks as he hits send and then the sign off button that closes the website.

“Now who will you have in your corner?” Aaron says as he pushes the laptop off the table and it crashes onto the floor making a loud sound that stirs Nadja from her sleep.


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  1. I remain proud that you keep writing and writing. Don’t stop!

    October 9, 2016 at 8:28 pm

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