Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 103) Out

At this very moment, just as Nadja’s laptop slams down onto the kitchen floor, Viktor awakens in a dream. His only option within a dark chamber is a burgundy door, which he swings open to find himself at Nadja’s cottage. He can see her sitting up in bed and it is now that he realizes he is once again inside the mirror of the cabinet in her bedroom. The odd thing is that he is outside as well. Small pebbles cover the ground under his bare feet and he feels cold but in front of him is the mirror and the inside wall of the cabinet.

Sitting up in bed, Nadja feels tense and not alone. Pulling her robe from the post at the foot of the bed, she puts it on and stands still in the middle of her bedroom listening intently. Slowly she walks toward the doorway and peeks out at the dark living room.

“Hello?” She mumbles for she does not want to receive an answer. “Is someone here?” She questions with a shaky voice.

Standing in the corner of the kitchen, where it is dark and shadowed from any light, Aaron remains quiet and still. He finds amusement in the terror he is producing. He wants her to be frightened and to feel as if she is all alone in the world. This game of his excites him for he feels more in control of Nadja at this very moment than he ever has in the past few years. He grins as she steps through the entrance to the kitchen hopeful she will see the laptop on the floor and begin to panic, but this is not the case. Still confused by what took place earlier causing her to pass out, she does not realize anything is amiss and returns to her bedroom.

All this time, Viktor is trapped, inches away from being able to touch or tap on the glass, as he watches Nadja leave the room, and then quickly return. She hesitates before slipping out of her robe and then shivers. Quickly, she takes the small journal from her nightstand and writes something on the open page, then gently closes the book with the pen inside. The delicate covering of her night slip is not enough to keep her warm and she eases herself back into bed. Pulling the covers up to her neck, she stares at the ceiling and listens.

Viktor wishes he could reach out to her for he feels a sense of fear, not only for her, but for himself as well and he is not sure why. Something is not right and he knows it. What caused her to leave the room in the first place? At her doorway, she paused and said hello, so is someone in her house? He bends down and picks up a small pebble. Reaching out to the backside of the mirror, he is still unable to touch it. Quickly he tosses the stone at it trying to gain Nadja’s attention. As soon as the pebble hits the glass, Nadja looks in Viktor’s direction.

“She heard that.” Viktor says happily. “Maybe if she comes to the cabinet she can let me out.”


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