Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 104) Passes

Looking down for another pebble to throw, Viktor turns around and realizes he is now in the woods behind the cottage. The air is cool and he does not hear a single sound. There is no rustling of leaves, no crickets or even the slightest break of a twig from an animal. No, to Viktor, the forest sounds dead and dormant, and he finds himself on edge.

Aaron is disappointed that he could not carry this moment of torment with Nadja any further than it went. He thinks about rushing into her room just to see the terror on her face from such an intrusion. However, he feels it would be more conducive to his plan to play a few more games with her senses and wits before revealing he is here in her quaint little town. He believes deep in his rotted heart that if he does this right, she will come running to him for protection. He even feels positive that she will apologize for leaving him in the first place which will make him very happy. He wants to see her crying and hopeless, he wants her to beg to return to him so he can make sure she never attempts such a thing in the future.

Grinning at his own evil thoughts and demented line of thinking, Aaron slips the kitchen chair out from under the handle of the back entrance. Gently he pulls the door just enough to step outside, and leaves it standing open as he nonchalantly walks away from the cottage.

Aaron’s odd and complex way of thinking is a form of mental illness, low self-esteem, and it is the highest manner of weakness. For a man to force a woman to promise to love him and stay with him, no matter how poorly he treats her, is a sickness. Is he so afraid of retaining a relationship on his own merit that he must place fear and doubt in a person, forcing them to tell him repeatedly how wonderful he is? Aaron does not recognize this flaw in himself and there is not one soul in the world that would ever be able to help him see it.

Watching the back of the cottage, Viktor recognizes Aaron as the man on the cell phone, the one he encountered on the path when he had to walk it for a second time. He is not sure how or why he knows this, but this man, this strange person, is to be feared. He is tall, well-built and seems to have a manner about him that emits control. His characteristics are not in the sense that he has control of himself, but more of a bossy, controlling demeanor without any remorse or concern for what he does to others. Viktor slips behind a tall shrub as Aaron slowly passes by.


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