Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 105) The Place

Viktor glances back at the little house and realizes the back door is standing open. He quickly heads in that direction and upon entering the dark dwelling, immediately finds his way to the living room. Looking in on Nadja, he can see that she has fallen back to sleep so he quietly tiptoes over to her bedroom window and watches as Aaron walks further and further away from the cabin.

“He is to be feared.” Says a woman’s voice that startles Viktor and he quickly turns around.

Standing on the other side of the bed, and very close to Nadja, is the older woman Viktor has now had several conversations with. She is elegant and almost glowing as she grins in an all-knowing manner. Worried Nadja will wake up, Viktor glances in her direction.

“No worries, she is asleep and only you and I share this dream at the moment.” The woman says softly. “You are a gentle soul, a good man, a man of worth and determination.” She leans over and slowly covers Nadja’s bare shoulder with the sheet. “He is evil, full of anger, hatred and is cowardly. He is malevolent.”

She nods her head in the direction of the window and Viktor turns around to look out again at the shadowy surroundings. He is no longer able to see the dark figure walking away and the night creatures in the woods have awakened from their hush as an owl hoots and the crickets begin to chirp.

“It fascinates me that you and my niece are intertwined in such a manner.” The woman says as she walks around the bed, taking Viktor’s hand in hers as she leads him to the living room.

There is a cozy fire in the fireplace and the room smells as if fresh cookies have just been removed from the oven. Amber colored flames flicker from several candles sitting around the room and together, the woman and Viktor sit on the hearth in front of the fire.

“What do you mean?” Viktor questions of the woman’s statement.

“Personally, I never had such moments that happened or repeated over time. It intrigues me that at such a young age you have these strong abilities.” She grins. “I am happy that you do have such a vivid imagination, it helps you see beyond the view of a normal window.”

“I want to help Nadja. I don’t know the whole story but I feel she is in danger and the guy that just walked off, he is the reason.” Viktor says as fact.

“True, you are correct.” The woman taps Viktor on the hand. “Your physical self will be heading this way and you must hurry. When you get to the village, walk east to the mountain. The train will take you further and you must exit at the third stop. Remember the path, memorize the way, Nadja will know you when you arrive. If anyone is in doubt of your true intentions, repeat this phrase,” she pauses a moment. “Through lifetimes of days asleep and awake, I’ll always find my way to the place near the lake.” The woman grins and looks up as if someone entered the room.

Turning to look in the direction of the woman’s gaze, he sees Nadja, wrapped in her robe, standing in the entrance of her bedroom watching them. Looking back at the older woman for clarification, Viktor realizes she is gone, as are the flames of the candles and the fire in the fireplace. He finds himself standing in the middle of the bedroom of his apartment. The alarm clock is playing an old song on the radio and he is clutching his pillow in his right hand.

“I have a plane to catch.” He says aloud as he heads off down the hallway to the shower.


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