Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 106) Personal

Rushing past parked cars, stacks of luggage and weary travelers, Viktor dashes into the lobby of the midsized airport. He wants to purchase a cup of coffee and have a chance to sign into the blog before boarding the plane. Looking at the large clock on the wall near the ticket booths, he realizes he made good time and can now relax. Once entering the boarding area where he will catch his flight, he slips the travel bag down off his shoulder, takes a seat and a long sip of his warm creamy coffee.

“Okay, now to see if Nadja has realized I’m not the bad guy and possibly answered me back.” Viktor takes his phone from his pocket.

Quickly he scrolls through the applications on his phone and clicks on the one titled, Dreams. Once in the site he scans over the various entries and there it is, a reply from Nadja, but not in the manner he expected.

“VikT1000, I despise everything about you and never wish to speak with you again. Do not write or try to contact me in any way!” Viktor reads and then sits quietly as if in shock.

“How can she say that?” He questions as he stares down at his phone. “No, I’m not going to let this rest. She has appeared in my dreams for some time now and there has to be a reason for it.” Viktor begins to type.

“Nadja, I wish I could make you understand that I am not involved with tricking you. No, we have not met, but you have appeared to me in my dreams for months, even as recent as last night! There has to be a reason this is happening. You are a beautiful person, even my dream self knows this. I feel you are in danger and I want to help protect you. It is odd, the way I am feeling, it is as if I have known you forever and thankfully through my dreams, I am finding my way back to you. Is it possible to fall in love without ever meeting or speaking to a person? Yes, I believe it is.”

He stops and reads over his words. Normally, Viktor would never divulge so much personal information or put his heart in such a vulnerable place. However, this situation is dire to him. He must do this, he must find Nadja and he does not care if she laughs at his words. His heart is definitely leading the way and he realizes this all too well. However, to stop and ignore the events that have brought him to this point in time is not an option.


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