Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 107) Stimulating

As Viktor boards the plane in the city where he lives, the sun is just beginning to rise over the destination, the sleepy little village that sits at the edge of the mountains quite some distance away. A light frosty layer of dew has coated the plants and stones of the roads and buildings. Individual flecks have caught the light here and there, which creates a sparkling almost glitter like appearance.

Standing outside and leaning against a column that supports the porch at the local hotel, Aaron takes a long draw off his cigarette. The sky is still dark except for a light glow off to the east. Aaron would be almost invisible if not for the red glowing tip of his cigarette. He looks up at the mountains to the west and knows Nadja is probably still asleep. A smirk crosses his face as he thinks of the tricks he pulled last night and the message he sent to VikT1000.

“What a moron.” He says about the message as he flicks his cigarette butt out onto the road.

A small swirl of smoke twirls upward from the cigarette as it slowly burns out. Aaron turns, pulls the heavy door open, and enters the lobby of the little inn. In no rush, he makes his way upstairs to his room. He has no concern for others or the beauty of this area. The odd thing is that he believes himself to be a humanitarian, a lover of nature and an all around great person. How interesting it is for someone of his stature in the company he runs to have such a delusional impression of himself. One might believe him to be a sociopath for his true behavior has no regard for the feelings of others in any manner.

With his pouty bottom lip and broad shoulders, Aaron pushes the door to his room open and lets it slam shut behind him. Tossing his jacket down on the bed, he picks up his phone and quickly types a message to Nadja.

“You may think you have found a haven, but you know as well as I do that you can never be free of me. I will come for you and I expect you to be packed and ready to leave. If not, the woods you seek refuge in may very well go up in smoke.”

Grinning as he reads over this simple yet threatening note, he sends the message. Standing up, he sets his phone down on his jacket, rummages through his travel bag and heads to the shower. In his sick and twisted way, he feels happy and proud of himself for his actions during the past day and the last few minutes. It thrills him to think he has gotten to a person, caused some sort of negative or nervous emotional pain, and the fact that his current target is Nadja makes it all the more stimulating to him.


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