Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 108) Sleepwalking

Nadja jumps as she wakes up from a very deep sleep. She remembers dreaming, but has no idea about what. There is edginess in the air and she feels a bit dizzy as she sits with her legs hanging off the side of the bed. Turning to look over her shoulder at the window, she can see that the sun has not yet risen for the day. A shiver crosses her shoulders and as she reaches for her robe, a squeaking sound from the kitchen grabs her attention.

“What in the world is that?” Nadja questions as she quickly slips into the plush covering.

Pulling the belt tightly around her waist, she steps away from the bed to peek around the doorway. From where she is standing, the kitchen sink and some cabinets are visible. She has not heard anything for several seconds and just when she begins to think her ears are playing tricks on her, she hears the squeaking sound once again.

“Is that the back door?” She murmurs in a whisper to herself.

As she steps out into the main room of the house and walks in the direction of the kitchen, she finds the back door standing wide open. The cool air from outside has flooded the room and when her feet touch the ice-cold floor, she nearly jumps as if shocked.

“How in the world did this get open?” She thinks to herself as she glances around the room.

This is frightening to her for what if someone broke in and is still in the cottage? She now begins to look around at the corners of the rooms that are visible from where she stands. The only way the chair could have been removed from under the handle of the door, is by a person inside the cottage.

“Was I sleepwalking?” Nadja quizzes to herself, for when she was young, she did this all the time.

Realizing she is alone in the room, she hurries across the cold wooden planks and pushes the back door shut. It is now that she notices her laptop is on the floor.

“What? How did that end up down there?” She wonders as she bends over and picks it up. “Oh please don’t be broken.” She mumbles as she slowly pushes the lid open and it lights up as usual. “Oh thank goodness.” She says.

Still worried that someone may be hiding in the cottage, Nadja conducts a thorough check of each room and closet. She even opens the secret door in her aunt’s bedroom to make sure the room and tunnel have not been disturbed. Everything appears to be normal and untouched except for the back door and her laptop.

“Well, maybe I was sleepwalking or half-dazed.” She grins as she opens the mirrored wardrobe and begins to rummage through her clothing for something to wear. “It’s time to start the day with a soak in the tub.” She says as she makes her way to the bathroom.


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