Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 111) Innocence

“Everyone please stay seated, we just have to get below this cloud deck and storm. Remain seated with your seatbelts secure please.” A man’s voice commands over the speaker system.

“Here, chew some gum. It will keep your ears from popping out of your head.” A man says from across the aisle as he holds out a packet of gum.

“That is nicotine gum.” Viktor replies as he notices the wording on the package.

“Yeah, what of it?” The man questions nonchalantly.

“I don’t smoke.” Viktor replies.

“Ah take one, maybe you’ll feel a little lighter in your seat than you already do.” The man grins just as the plan drops dramatically causing some of the luggage hatches to open and items to fall onto the passengers below.

“Ok, I’m in.” Viktor says as he takes a piece of the gum and plops it into his mouth. “Ugh, this is definitely not the kind of gum I chew.” Out of nervousness, he begins chomping down on it at a rapid rate.

Just as the plane drops again with a heavy shudder, sunlight flashes in through the windows on one side as they safely drop below the storm.

“Alright everyone, we are out of the turbulence but please stay seated since we will be approaching the runway shortly.” The man over the intercom states calmly.

Cheers and whistles from the passengers cause Viktor to feel better for this must mean it will be smooth sailing from here. The bright golden light of the sun is so brilliant that some of the individuals pull their shades down to block it out,  but all Viktor wants to do is look out at the beautiful glow. Down below in a patchwork of shapes is the landscape, still somewhat shadowed from mountains to the east and west. He knows they are close to his destination and he begins to feel slightly nervous.

Once the plane lands, he must travel by bus before stopping at the village he has grown to admire and memorize in his dreams. The next step will be to follow the older woman’s advice, travel west to board the train and get off at the third stop. He cannot wait to meet Nadja in person, but he knows she may not be glad to see him. How is he going to convince her that he is not a bad person? He is hopeful that once he is off the plane he can check his messages on the dream site to see if she responded to his plea of innocence.


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