Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 112) Confused

As Nadja continues to gather her things, she cannot get the images of her aunt and the young man out of her thoughts. He was very handsome with dark eyes, dark hair and a close trimmed beard.

“I wonder if Viktor has a photo of himself on the dream site.” Nadja says to herself as she picks her phone up.

Signing into the dream blog, Nadja realizes there is a personal message to her from VikT1000, but as she reads it, she becomes confused.

“Nadja, I wish I could make you understand that I am not involved with tricking you. No, we have not met, but you have appeared to me in my dreams for months, even as recent as last night!” She reads to herself. “There has to be a reason this is happening. You are a beautiful person, even my dream self knows this. I feel you are in danger and I want to help protect you. It is odd, the way I am feeling, it is as if I have known you forever and thankfully through my dreams, I am finding my way back to you. Is it possible to fall in love without ever meeting or speaking to a person? Yes, I believe it is.”

Nadja stands alone in her room perplexed by this long note. She then scrolls up to past messages and realizes, Viktor is responding to a message she did not write.

“VikT1000, I despise everything about you and never wish to speak with you again. Do not write or try to contact me in any way!” Nadja reads.

“I didn’t write that!” She says to herself as she looks up at the window and then at the timestamp on the message. “I was asleep during that hour. There is no way I could have sent that message to Viktor!”

Nervously, Nadja places her phone in the bag with the rest of her belongings. Stopping at the front door, she removes the chair from under the handle in case she must return and enter this way, then quickly marches over to her aunt’s bedroom. With ease, she unhooks the lock on the cabinet and the bottom portion slides back revealing the ladder to the dark room and tunnel below.

“I wonder if she ever felt like me, did she ever use this to escape the cottage undetected?” Nadja questions to herself as she begins to go down the ladder. “Knowing you, Aunt Josephine, you built it because you knew one day I would need it.”

Nadja laughs at her own statement, but she knows this could very well be the truth. Her aunt was always seeing into the future and could predict many things, so for her to know a tunnel was needed in the future is not too farfetched.

At the fourth rung of the ladder, Nadja pauses to flip the switch on the wall, just as Carl showed her. This causes the lighting fixtures to glow in a clear white light and is much more inviting than the darkness she was venturing into. Moving on down she lands on the floor and looks over at the long tunnel that leads through the woods to the rangers hut. This underground and secure path will take her halfway to the train station. Even though she knows Carl left this way the night before, she is still nervous about what may be ahead in this subterranean trail.


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