Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 113) Reflection

“Why am I such an idiot?” Nadja questions to herself. “Why did I get involved with Aaron? What did I really think would come from such a controlling environment?” She shakes her head as pressure builds along her neck and shoulders. “Was I that afraid of being alone? How could I have been so blind to his arrogant and destructive ways?”

Nadja is very hard on herself. No one can beat themselves up more than her. Ever since she first began to notice how proudly Aaron exhibits his evil tendencies, she knew this was not how she wished to live. However, by the time it was obvious to her, she had already lost her self-worth. Only the past day or two has she felt stronger, yet here she is, changing her plans because of Aaron. She is going into hiding to protect herself and she knows it is wrong. She knows she must be strong and stand up to him but fear crawls through her veins. At this moment of escape, she realizes this is just another way Aaron is in control.

“I have to learn to stop giving him power over me, I know this.” Nadja mumbles as she pulls the latch that closes off the entrance of the tunnel to her aunt’s room. “I keep allowing this to happen but, I don’t know what else to do. I just need to get to the soap shop, talk to Carl, and get myself together.”

With the flip of another switch on the wall where the tunnel and underground room meet, the lights in the room go off, while another section of the tunnel begins to glow. Roots from the trees above have broken through some of the area and curled themselves around the support beams creating little nooks and pockets in the ceiling. She passes by a large opening to her right that looks like an entrance to a cave and just as Carl had stated, as the tunnel twists and turns, long mirrors hang along the wall to give sight to what is around the bend. Nadja continues forward, flipping each switch as she comes to it causing the lights behind her to go out, while engaging the bulbs in front of her.

“So far, so good.” She says to herself as she makes her way along the underground tunnel. “The mirrors kind of freak me out though.” She pauses as she comes to another one where water is trickling down around it from a freshwater spring.

The trip seems to take longer than the path above but Nadja knows this is due to the lack of scenery. The only thing of interest from inside this passageway, are the sparkling rock walls that were cut in half to form this trail and the occasional reflection of the mirrors. As she nears the end, the stones are now seeping with water from underground streams and little droplets splashing here and there echo around each curve and bend. Finally, she arrives at a wooden door that opens on the hillside. Slowly pushing the door just enough to peek out, she can see the rangers hut to her left and further on from there, the path that leads on to Carl’s cabin and the train station.

“Whew, I made it.” She says with much relief.


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