Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 114) Let Me

Nadja flips the last switch off bringing this final section of the tunnel into total darkness. Closing the door behind her, she pulls loose ivy over the entrance to help conceal its location. After taking a moment to glance at her surroundings, she walks past the rangers hut and on to the last portion of the trail.

“I need to keep my eyes open and listen very carefully for footsteps. It would be my luck to have come all this way only to run into Aaron on the path.” Nadja says in a whisper to herself.

Once Viktor’s plane landed, he boarded the bus to take him to the village between the mountains. While riding along on this twisting turning road, he logs into the dream blog to see if Nadja replied to his heartfelt message.

“Nothing.” Viktor says just under his breath.

He is very disappointed that their conversation is at a standstill. He desperately wishes she would see him for who he is and not some perpetrator trying to hurt her. He decides there is nothing to lose at this point and begins to draft another message.

“Nadja, I am begging you. You have to believe what I am telling you.” He pauses in his typing as he thinks of his next sentence. “I know once I describe the dream I had last night, you will realize what I am telling you is true.”

He looks out the window of the bus at the beautiful landscape. The grass and trees seem to be reaching for the distant mountain ranges on both sides of the road. Small pastel pink flowers are in bloom along the highway and dappled throughout the waving meadows.

“It is beautiful here.” He mumbles to himself as he thinks about all the hard gray concrete surrounding his apartment and the city he calls home.

“Nadja, I know you saw me in your dream. Maybe you do not remember it at the moment, but think really heard about your dreams last night.” He quickly types. “You looked right at me. I was sitting in your living room, in front of a warm fire and I was talking to your aunt. I know this because she referred to you as her niece.” Viktor states as fact. “You stepped out of your bedroom and your aunt smiled. When I turned to look, we made eye contact.” Viktor begins to feel nervous. “Nadja, I am on my way to see you. I am currently on a bus and should be arriving soon at your village. Please let me find you.”

As soon as he reads over his words and sends the message, the bus rounds a corner exposing the small village. Just as it has been in his dreams, it is nestled between two mountain ranges. Viktor’s heart races for he never believed this place to be real, let alone travel here and walk the stone streets of his dreams.


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