Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 115) Fascinating

The bus stops at the top of a sloping hill near the train station, and everyone on board begins to unload their belongings, then the group disbands in multiple opposite directions. Looking at his phone, Viktor compares the current time to the train schedule posted on the station wall. He knows he will have nearly an hour to waste before the next train is scheduled to leave for its trip up the mountain to the west.

“This is the exact place I have visited so many times.” Viktor thinks in his mind as he stands at the top of the hill looking down the cobblestone road. “Awesome.” He says just under his breath and he does not know where to begin.

With the early morning glow casting shadows onto the various earthy colors of the buildings, Viktor starts walking. The images of his dreams seem to flash in and out of his mind’s eye. All the details he is witness to now and here in his waking world, have been intricate parts of his dreams for months. It is almost exact to what he was expecting and it is mind-boggling to think about.

As he strolls down this slop of quaint buildings, his thoughts are fixed on one place. He wants to find out which business it is that first revealed the secret door to him. He would like to know if the hidden door truly exists. However, if it does, he is not sure what his next move will be.

“That would be cool though, if there really was a door behind the door.” Viktor says to himself as his steps slow in pace.

He is walking down the right side of the street, which is how he traveled in his dreams. Looking behind him and to his left, he scans the rows of businesses and doors. Some have awnings hanging over their entrances, a few have signs that swing and squeak with the breeze and most have antique looking lanterns on ornate metal brackets over the doorways. This too is evidence confirming he is in the right place. Turning back and facing forward, he recognizes the color of the buildings up ahead where the road begins to level out.

“I remember in the dreams I passed a couple of alleyways and the door was on the right, just before the road gets completely level.” Viktor turns around now realizing he came too far and at this moment, he sees the sign.

“Soap Suds!” Viktor says under his breath as he walks up to stand under the sign. “This has to be it! She is soapsuds1920s and that would be too much of a coincidence.” He grins and then realizes another familiar aspect of this building. “The lavender door, I remember being locked out right here when it was raining.” He mumbles with excitement.

The unfortunate thing is, none or at least very few businesses are open at this hour, and Soap Suds appears to be one that is closed. He cups his hands and peeks in through the large display window.

“This is fascinating.” Viktor says quietly.


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