Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 116) Isolated

After walking the remaining thirty minutes of the path above ground, Nadja steps into the waiting room of the train station. The view here is generous with large windows looking south across trees and valleys. Sitting here waiting for the train is normally a very peaceful experience, but today Nadja is keeping her head down as she glances around at other individuals in the depot. There are only three others in the terminal. Two men and one woman but none of them are talking to the other, nor do they appear to be together. It is rare to see strangers at this stop for there are only a few cabins that share the ridge. Two more stops up, higher on the mountain range is a lodge, but patrons rarely get off here.

The sound of the train whistle alerts everyone that it is near, so they begin to gather their belongings and make their way to the landing. The air is still cool from the night as the sun breaks through the trees and shines golden beams of light into the windows of the depot. The powerful train engine rumbles its way past the station as it brings the cars to a halt to allow passengers to board. As usual, no one is getting off at this stop, but Nadja and the other three individuals do enter the cars, each taking separate seats scattered away from the others.

Nadja finds this comical for it shows how society has become isolated. Not one of the three acknowledges the other as they take out their phones and tablets to keep themselves entertained. Grinning, Nadja does the same for she can easily admit she is just as dependent on technology as the others are.

The train ride into town is slow but steady and Nadja finds herself glancing out the window more often than usual. She feels as if she is trying to take in the entire view looking for all the details that she has taken for granted over the years. No one is waiting at the two stops between her station and the village depot, so no other passengers boarded, nor did any of the three get off. In the distance are snow topped mountains to the north and along the rails tiny fall flowers are in full bloom, the last ones of the season. Up ahead is a tunnel and once the train passes through, they will be a mere fifteen minutes away from the village. Nadja taps the application on her phone that opens the dream blog and finds another message from VikT1000.


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