Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 117) Hurried

“Nadja, I am begging you. You have to believe what I am telling you. I know once I describe the dream I had last night, you will realize what I am telling you is true.”

Nadja reads the lines carefully as she looks at the two men sitting a few seats away. Neither of them look up from their devices nor do they glance out the windows. Since they appear to be completely engrossed in what they are doing, she does not view them as suspicious, so she reads on.

“Nadja, I know you saw me in your dream. Maybe you do not remember it at this moment, but think really hard about your dreams last night. You looked right at me! I was sitting in your living room, in front of a warm fire and I was talking to your aunt. I know this because she referred to you as her niece. You stepped out of your bedroom and your aunt smiled. When I turned to look, you and I made eye contact. Nadja, I am on my way to see you and to help you. I am currently on a bus but will be in your village within the hour. Please let me find you.”

“So what I am remembering about my dream is true. Aunt Josephine was there.” She thinks to herself as she looks down at the words written by Viktor. “Could it be Viktor who was sitting next to her near the fire?” She mumbles to herself and then realizes she spoke this aloud.

With her head still bent down, she looks up slightly to see if anyone noticed. To her surprise, the vocalized statement did not deter the other three individuals in the train car from what they were doing. Just as she begins to read Viktor’s note one more time, the train comes to a halt at the village station. Several individuals are at the depot’s landing waiting to board the train going in the opposite direction, which will be arriving shortly. Once all movement on the rails cease, Nadja and the other passengers calmly walk to the exit doors, and step onto the landing of the train depot.

With her phone still in her hand, and her focus on the screen, Nadja continues to read Viktor’s words from the dream blog. She is trying to stay in the shadows of the building in case Aaron is observing the station in search of her. Little does she know, Viktor is waiting at the ticket booth, only a few steps away, and unfortunately, he is not looking in her direction. Just as he finalizes his purchase, the train heading up the mountain pulls into the station. In a hurried rush, he quickly walks toward the waiting train without noticing the girl from his dreams, who he would recognize in a second, is standing just to his left.

With Nadja so engrossed in the words written by Viktor, and with him in such a rush to catch the train, they miss bumping into each other by only a few steps. Viktor boards the train and takes a seat as he looks at his phone for any comments or notifications that may have come in from Nadja. He is feeling shaky and nervous from his early morning trip and to make matters worse, he has not had a bite to eat. Just as the train begins to pull away from the station, SoapSuds1920s finally replies to the last message Viktor wrote.


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