Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 118) Today

“Hi VikT100, before I talk with you anymore, I would like to see a picture of you.” Nadja types as she steps into a darkened alcove of the train station. “I am sorry you are traveling here because of me. I find it odd that a total stranger would do such a thing, so I am still confused about your true intentions.”

Glancing up, Nadja looks around at the now vacant depot. She begins walking past the ticket counter as she makes her way to the front of the building. To get to the soap shop, she must pass by several buildings but thankfully will not have to cross the road. She believes this will be an easy task and if Aaron is prowling about, she can avoid being detected, that is if she sees him first. Stepping to the side before reaching the door, she begins to type another note.

“I did see a man in my early morning dream today, but until I have proof your story is true, I will consider you my enemy.” She pauses as she reads this last line.

“Am I being too harsh?” She questions of herself for she is surprised at how forceful she is in this conversation. “No, stop and think about this, he knows too many details, I have every right to be suspicious.” She convinces herself in this conversation of her mind. “Send me a photograph, taken today, and I will decide if we will further this conversation.”

The message is sent and just as Viktor is about to reply to the first note he received from Nadja, the second one pops up on the screen of his cell phone. He reads it and immediately holds his phone up, taking a picture of himself. Within a few seconds, he sends it to Nadja and then the train enters the dark tunnel on its way up the mountain.

Taking a few minutes to look out the windows of the train depot, Nadja does not see Aaron anywhere. She still believes he may be staying somewhere near her aunts cottage in one of the rental cabins close to where Carl’s home is. However, he may very well be here in the village at the hotel across the street. Staring up at the windows, she watches for any movement from the curtains of the guest rooms. The lobby doors have not been active and she is hopeful most of the visitors are still fast asleep.


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