Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 120) Sparkles

The train has arrived at the third stop and Viktor exits the rail car per the instructions he received from Nadja’s aunt. Here on the mountain the sun is bright and warming compared to the shadows cast on the village below from the eastern mountain range.

“I bet the sun hasn’t even hit the rooftops of the village yet.” He mumbles as he takes a quick glance in that direction.

All he can see from atop this beautiful range are trees and rolling hills. As he looks back at the train tracks, light sparkles off the rails in a silver gleam. Looking at his phone, he still has not received a reply from Nadja about the photograph he sent.

“Yeah, your image must be appalling to her and she fainted.” Viktor says to himself in a mocking manner. “Oh well, ready or not, here I come.” He whispers as he exits the small station.

Even with the sun out in full force, there is still a chill in the air. Tucking his hands in his pockets, Viktor begins walking. He is not sure if he is at the right place as he glances around at the small cabins nestled amongst the trees near the station.

“What were my landmarks again?” He questions as he stops and turns around to look behind him. “The woman in my dream said to remember the way but for the life of me, none of this looks familiar at all.”

To his left is a gravel path that appears to lead north, one that leads to the west, and two cabins and a small supply store next to the train station.

“I remember a lake to my right when walking in that dream.” Viktor says softly as he looks in all directions. “Nope.” He says with finality and frustration.

Looking at his phone, it is still silent, yet his signal is strong. However, he is feeling a bit queasy from his early morning travels and lack of food. Glancing up from his phone, he decides to go into the small store to buy something to eat. He knows himself well and with a hike ahead of him, he cannot move on with depleted strength.


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