Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 121) Excitement

“Hi there!” An older man states as Viktor walks into the store causing a little bell to ring.

“Hello.” Viktor replies as he makes his way to the packaged jerky isle.

“You having a good morning?” The old man questions as he stacks small boxes in the corner near the cash register.

“Yeah, so far so good.” Viktor replies as he takes two bags of turkey jerky off the peg where they are hanging. “I’m starving though.” He continues as he looks for the use by date on the bags. “Are these fresh?” He questions.

“Yes, just got those in two days ago, but if you are hungry that won’t hold you over long.” The older man states with a smile. “You like sausage gravy and biscuits?” He questions as he stops and places his hands on the counter.

“Absolutely, yes! Do you carry that in a bag to go?” Viktor grins for he thinks this man is playing with him.

With a laugh but not another word, the old man steps to a doorway behind him and opens the wooden door. Instantly the room fills with a delicious smell.

“Martha! Add a few more biscuits to the tray and double up on that excellent gravy of yours, we have a guest.” He yells and without waiting for a reply, pulls the door but does not shut it all the way.

“Oh no, you don’t have to do that. I’m a guy who lives alone so I’ve adapted to going days without a good meal.” Viktor laughs as he steps up to the counter to pay for the turkey jerky and energy drink.

“Nonsense, Martha and I get tired of each other so a bit of company will do us good, plus you’ll get a hearty meal in before your hike.” The man states as he looks at the duffel bag Viktor is carrying on his back.

“My hike?” Viktor questions.

“Yes, that’s why you are here, right?” The man says as he points to the bag.

“Oh, yeah.” Viktor replies as he plays along hoping more questions do not arise. “I was hoping to get some great pictures.”

“I thought so.” the old man replies. “That’s about the only reason new folks get off at this stop. It’s the view of the lake that gets the most attention.”

“That is it!” Viktor says in his mind.

He knew he was remembering his dream correctly. There was a massive lake on the right side of the path and that is how he will know he is going the correct way. Viktor’s excitement level just rose to a much higher degree than it was a few minutes ago.


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