Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 122) Ready

“You alright there, son?” The old man questions as he looks at Viktor in a worried manner.

“Oh, yes I’m alright, sorry. I guess the aroma of the food was too intoxicating for me.” He grins and the old man laughs.

“Hurry up Martha, we’re about to lose him!” The older gentleman yells toward the door in a joking manner.

“Alright Sam, cool it down a bit.” The woman smiles as she taps the door open with her foot to enter the room.

“Sam!” Viktor thinks to himself as he realizes Sam is the name Nadja gave him when they first started writing each other.

“Hello there young man.” The woman says as she looks at Viktor and grins in a shy manner while wiping her hands on a dishcloth.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Viktor relies politely.

“Come on back, breakfast is ready!” The older man claps his hands and motions for Viktor to follow.

Viktor knows he must be at the right place because all the clues are coming together. There was mention of a lake and now the name Sam has been used. He finds this to be very exciting and he cannot wait to get started up the path. The images of the village, the white gravel trail, the lake and name send a rush of enthusiasm through him as he realizes his dreams are premonitions of things to come. Discretely pulling his phone from his pocket, he checks it once again, but there is still no reply from Nadja.

“It is okay.” He tells himself. “I will take a few minutes to enjoy this meal with two sweet people, which will help increase my energy level, and then I can focus on finding my way to Nadja.”

Ex 122

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