Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 124) Happier

“I truly appreciate you sharing your breakfast with me.” Viktor says to the fun couple at the country store.

“Oh it was great to meet you.” The older woman says as she removes the plates from the table.

“I have to agree with Martha.” The man says with a sparkle in his eye. “As much as you love someone sometimes you run out of things to talk about. It was interesting to hear about your trip here and we wish you good hunting.”

“Hunting?” Viktor questions a bit puzzled by the comment.

“For the lake.” The man says with a grin. “It is beautiful this time of year, calm water, trees starting to get their fall color. You should be able to get some great pictures.”

“Oh yes, Sam is telling you the truth.” The woman says carrying a pamphlet as she comes back to the table and sits down. “We were just up there yesterday and it was mesmerizing.”

“I’m not sure how long you plan to stick around, but today would be the day for photography. Rain and snow is in the forecast later tonight and I think they are expecting quite a pile of it.” The man states with a serious expression.

“Here, I brought you some reading material about the area, in case you are interested.” Martha says in a sweet tone.

“Thank you, this will be helpful.” Viktor replies as he unfolds the many pages of the pamphlet.

In this little book is a photograph of the main street of the village and on the right side of the road, about halfway down the hill, is a sign that reads, “Soap Suds Factory.”

With a rush of adrenaline, Viktor is thrilled to know more of the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. It is more obvious now, after finding Soap Suds is a business and its door matches the first one he ever entered through in his recurring dreams, he knows without a doubt he is in the right place.

“Just remember, once you see the hut on your left, the lake will be in view on your right, well. . . after you get past a few more trees that is.” Sam smiles with a wide grin.

The small building he saw in his dream. The one with the little light on it must be what they are referring too! Meeting this couple has helped Viktor realize he is in the exact spot that he needs to be and he could not be happier. Well, to be honest with himself, he would be elated if Nadja would reply to him.


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