Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 125) Quiet

“Well, I better get going then.” Viktor says as he stands up and pushes the chair up close to the table. “Again, thank you so much for the meal, how much do I owe you?”

“Oh no you don’t.” The woman says as she shakes her head back and forth. “We were glad to share. Besides it kept Sam from overdoing it.” She laughs as she puts her hand on her husband’s belly then rests her head on his shoulder.

It is quite apparent to Viktor that this couple has been together a long time and they are still very much in love. This actually gives him hope that once in a while, when the stars are lined up just right, the best connections can be made.

“We are open until just after dark, so if you need anything, you know where to find us.” Sam says as he pats Viktor on the back, much like a grandfather would to his grandson.

Stepping out into the sunshine, Viktor takes in a deep breath of the clear fresh air. He turns and waves at the couple as they shut the door to the store and he begins walking toward the path that heads north up the slope. Looking at his phone, he notices the time, it is half past nine o’clock.

“Wow, I’ve been on the move since my flight left at four-thirty and haven’t stopped since, well except for just now.” Viktor says to himself.

He cannot get over how quiet it is here. There are no cars or pedestrians, no air conditioners or heating systems running, he has not even heard a dog barking. As the slope of the path increases Viktor leans forward to keep his balance. All of the items he packed are in the bag on his back and it is becoming heavy.

“Yeah Vik, ya should have thought that through.” He says to himself while mocking the voice and mannerisms of his boss at work. “What a moron, however this bag should have probably been left in a locker at the train station. Oh well, not going back now.” He mumbles as he readjusts the position of the straps across his shoulders.

“Come on Nadja, read your message and get my photo. I don’t really want to just walk up to the cottage without you knowing who I am.” Viktor says aloud as he once again checks the messages on his phone.


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  1. I love Sam and Martha. I could almost taste Martha’s fabulous cooking…!

    November 27, 2016 at 5:27 pm

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