Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 126) Haste

It is the whistling, not the door closing, that wakes Nadja from her nap at the soap factory. The high-pitched song echoes throughout the large industrial portion of the shop and she recognizes it immediately.

“Good morning, Carl!” Nadja yells with a wide grin as she sits up on the small bed.

“Whoah, Nadja?” Carl says with a jump. “You scared the hell out of me! What are you doing up here?” He questions as he starts up the staircase to the small apartment.

“I just felt like I needed to be here, I think someone. . .” Nadja pauses. “I think Aaron is here and broke into the cottage last night.” She says with concern. “The kitchen door was open and the only way that could happen was if someone on the inside pulled the chair away from the handle.”

“You used to have a lot of episodes of sleepwalking, are you sure you didn’t move it?” Carl questions.

“But I haven’t done that in years.” She replies now questioning her haste. “No, it had to be Aaron because he replied to a message to someone I was talking to on a blog.” She points out rather quickly.

“Nadja.” Carl says in a calm tone. “That evil jerk is a security and systems specialists. Do you really think with his knowledge he could not break into your personal information and data?”

Nadja pauses and thinks this through. Carl is right, Aaron can do just about anything with the software and hidden systems he works with everyday and from all around the world. Yet, she found her laptop on the floor of the kitchen. Perhaps she pushed it off the table by accident. Now she feels very confused about the events that took place. Perhaps she did act in a hasty manner.

“I am starving and need something in my stomach before the day begins. Join me for breakfast.” Carl says with a gleam in his eyes.

“Oh. No, I’m sorry Carl but I just don’t think it’s a good idea for me to be out and about.” She looks down at her feet. “We know Aaron is around and I doubt he has gone home yet, so I’d rather avoid running into him.” She looks down at the factory tables below. “Besides, an extra hand around here will move production a little faster so I’ll stay put and work up a few invoices.”

“Then I will eat fast and bring you a plate. Sound good?” Carl grins.

“Absolutely, I would really like that, thank you Carl.” Nadja says as she gives him a kiss on the cheek.


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