Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 127) Entrance

Just after Carl steps out onto the street and Nadja locks the shop door behind him, she pulls her phone from her pocket and realizes she missed a message from Viktor. She is very hesitant to even read his words or view his photograph, that is if he sent one. However, her need to know what he looks like is far greater. She opens the message and is shocked.

“This is the man I saw in my dream, he was sitting near the fire with Aunt Josephine.” She whispers.

Just as she says this, the sound of a key being inserted into the lock on the door grabs her attention. Slowly the door swings open and in steps Regina, one of the lead workers here at the factory.

“Oh Nadja! You startled me!” Regina laughs nervously as she takes a step back.

“I am so sorry Regina, I got here early and probably should have let you know this in advance.” Nadja apologizes as she helps the woman with the boxes she picked up at the post office.

“Oh it actually worked out well.” Regina grins as she gladly lets Nadja take half the load.

At this point of the discussion, Nadja forgets about replying to Viktor and begins to help her friend with the items as the day begins at the soap factory.

It does not take very long at all for Carl to leave the factory and march his way into the restaurant. The place smells of eggs and biscuits, and the scent of bacon and coffee are almost overwhelming.

“Oh my I found heaven!” Carl says with a laugh as he opens the door of the restaurant just enough to poke his head inside.

Everyone in this village knows Carl and several individuals turn and wave to him as he makes his entrance. This is the typical daily routine for the majority of people seated. The exceptions, of course, are the handful of travelers who wish to partake at the local eatery. Carl is a native here, he has never ventured past the mountain ranges to the east or the west. This is his home, as it was for his parents, and he feels no desire or inkling to venture out. Despite his lack of adventure to the outside world, he is a very wise and smart man. He might be easily mistaken as a world traveler for his perceptions and demeanor emit authority, knowledge, friendliness and a mind for business.

“Carl what are you going on about.” Asks one of the men seated in the center of the room.

“Me? I have nothing to say.” Carl grins.

“Oh, yes. . . right.” Another man to Carl’s right comments.

“Hey now, you are going to upset our guests if you keep going on like that.” Carl says as he looks at the travelers sitting in the room. “I’m really a nice guy, don’t listen to them.” He says to a young couple as he leans in their direction as if telling a secret.

They laugh and look at each other with wide grins. It is obvious they are newlyweds. The hand holding on the table, a flashy diamond ring on her finger and a thick shiny band on his is proof this relationship is just getting started.


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