Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 128) To Go

“Minerva, I need some food in my belly quick and also a plate to go.” Carl says as he leans on the counter near an empty barstool.

“A plate to go?” Questions one of the men next to him. “You will lose that girlish figure if you start doing that my friend.” He laughs.

“Ah no, it’s not for me, it’s for Nadja. She is staying in the room at the factory and we haven’t had a chance to stock up on supplies.” Carl folds his hands in front of him on the counter where he stands.

“You might want to keep a close eye on the weather, Carl.” Minerva says as she pours him a cup of coffee. “They are calling for thunderstorms, heavy rain, and then a changeover to snow.”

“Oh great, well I suppose I need to get a list made and do some shopping before the day gets ahead of me. Thank you for the tip.” Carl replies now a bit concerned.

When the weather is calling for drastic change, this can sometimes mean the trains to the mountain and back may be delayed or stopped completely for a period of time. He not only worries about how he will come and go for work, but he has concern for Nadja’s travels as well.

Carl takes a seat at the bar and the man sitting next to him is an old friend he has known for as long as he has been alive. Carl and James went to school together and Carl was the best man in his wedding. They even owned a business together in the past but once Josephine came to live on the mountain, Carl turned all of his attention to her.

“Why is Nadja staying at the shop, Carl?” James asks with a questioning look. “She loves the cottage and actually, I thought you would probably never get her to leave.” He smiles in a thoughtful way.

“Well, it’s a long story but her ex-boyfriend is being a bit of a nuisance and has her on edge.” Carl replies. “She is going to hide out here in town just to be safe. He is a bit of a lunatic.” Carl says just before he takes a bite out of his toast and jelly.

“You know you can count on me if you need help, she is too sweet of a girl to be in danger. It actually makes me mad to think she is scared enough to flee the cottage she loves so much.” James taps his coffee cup with his finger, and Minerva fills it up promptly. “Maybe you should let the police know.”

“I hate to get the authorities involved. This guy is all bark and no bite and he just needs to accept that Nadja is happier without him.” Carl picks up a piece of bacon. “Randal! You’ve outdone yourself!” He yells to the cook and he then bites into the strip of bacon. “Best breakfast ever!”

The cook laughs at this statement and salutes Carl with the spatula he is holding. The restaurant is now nearly full to capacity as Minerva brings a bag of containers full of breakfast items over for Carl to take to Nadja. She sets it on the bar in front of him and begins to fill up his coffee cup once more.

“Oh no no. I have to get going. I do not want Nadja’s breakfast to get cold. Thank you though.” Carl says as he holds his hand over the coffee cup.

After paying his bill and placing a few dollars under his cup as a tip for Minerva, Carl stands up to leave. When he turns around, he realizes the man he stopped on the trail, the one with the smug attitude, the one Nadja fears, is sitting right behind him near the window. Aaron does not say a word nor does he look at Carl, and it is now obvious to Carl the plan for Nadja’s safety has been leaked to the very individual she needs to be protected from. The beating of his own heart fills Carl’s ears as he realizes what he has done and he swiftly leaves the restaurant to make his way back to the soap factory.


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  1. Way to go, Carl.

    November 27, 2016 at 5:31 pm

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