Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 131) Nervous

Falling in slow motion, as if in dark water so deep there is no end, Viktor finds himself holding his breath waiting for an impact. There is nothing around him in this void of light and sound and he cannot hold his breath any longer. Gasping for air, he opens his mouth and suddenly finds himself standing in the main room of Nadja’s little cottage.

“What?” He says to himself.

He was sure he was underwater and drowning. He was certain the air he so desperately wanted would not come as his body forced him to open his mouth and inhale. Now, here he is, standing inside his destination.

“Is this a dream or am I dead?” He looks at his arm almost afraid to try and touch it thinking he will not feel it.

He runs his fingers along his forearm and it feels solid, like it always has. Puzzled as to what has happened, he now remembers slipping on gravel as he took pictures of the lake.

“My cell phone, where is it?” He begins to pat the pockets of his pants and jacket. “Oh great.” He says with much disappointment.

Stepping over to the front door of the cottage, Viktor opens it slowly and looks out at the gravel path. He was hoping to find his phone lying there on the ground, but the only things scattered about are seeds from the dormant flowers and leaves from the trees.

“Maybe if I walk down the path to where I fell, my phone might be there.” Viktor says as he begins to step outside.

At this moment, when Viktor is pulling the door shut, he sees a man rounding the distant corner heading his way. Immediately, he recognizes the posture and attitude as the man he saw on the trail in a recent dream. He is the man Viktor observed fleeing the cottage, leaving the kitchen door standing open for any nocturnal animal to enter. Yes, this is Aaron and he is coming this way.

“Damn it.” Viktor says under his breath as he pushes back against the door to open it.

He does not realize how easily the door swings open and with his aggressive push, he falls back pushing it all the way to the wall. This was with such force, he is sure the wall will have damage on it from the handle hitting it so hard. Without looking, he quickly turns closing the door shut and engaging the lock. Not even a second passes before there is loud excessive banging on the wooden entry.

“How did he get here so fast?” Viktor says as he steps back from the door.

Looking around for anything he can use as a weapon, he reaches for the poker that is leaning against the fireplace. The banging on the door is relentless and it is obvious to Viktor that Aaron is now kicking at it with his foot.

“He is going to break through.” Viktor says in a nervous whisper as he moves toward the door.


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