Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 132) Reflection

To the left of the entrance, on the wall, Viktor sees a crack in the wood paneling. It is not damage from the door hitting it earlier, this looks like a panel or opening of some sort. The kicking to the front door is loud and it sounds as if the wood is beginning to splinter. Quickly, Viktor leans down, slips his fingers into the crack and pulls the panel open.

Darting up at him is the older woman who has visited him numerous times in his dreams here. She grabs him by the collar of his jacket and pulls him inside with such force that he tumbles down several steps before landing on a dirt floor, the poker from the fireplace still in his hand. Standing over him the woman puts her finger to her mouth indicating he needs to stay quiet.

Her hair is in a tidy braid that wraps along the backside of her head. Inserted within are small yellow flowers that appear to have been dusted in glitter. She has not said a single word as she watches the floorboards above them.

The dark damp room is tiny in size and as Viktor’s eyes adjust, he notices it is full of wine bottles. Rack after rack stacked against each other taking in the majority of the space. Overhead, in Nadja’s bedroom, heavy footsteps are stomping through the cottage and items are being dropped to the floor as if the place is being ransacked.

“What is going on?” Viktor questions.

Once again, the older woman mimics a shhh with her fingers to her lips and does so without moving her watchful eyes from the floor above. Lifting her long skirt to avoid tripping on it, she walks over to a darker spot in the room. Upon her return, she is carrying a large oval mirror in her hands and before another crashing sound from above hits the floor, she hangs it from a wine rack.

“Look into it, tell me what you see.” She whispers to Viktor.

Standing up, but due to the low ceiling, not all the way, he walks over to be directly in front of the antique item. All that he sees is his reflection just like any other person would but suddenly a swirl of mist seems to pass through it and now as clear as day, he can see Aaron in Nadja’s bedroom. He has pulled back the covers on the bed and knocked over her end table and a set of stacked travel trunks. Several small porcelain trinkets have been shattered upon the floor, and with each step of this violent rampage, they are crushed into smaller pieces and dust.

Directly behind Viktor, the older woman has her hands on his shoulders and is peering at the glass but is not able to see what Viktor is witness to. In fact, Viktor cannot see his or her reflection at all and this concerns him.


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