Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 133) Smile

“I find your ability fascinating, young man. Tell me what you see.” The older woman whispers in a calm tone.

“Am I dead?” Viktor questions as he turns to look at her.

“Tell me what you see in the mirror, please.” She states again avoiding his question.

“I see Aaron, or who I assume is Aaron.” He whispers.

“Yes, that would make sense. What else, what is he doing?” She asks as she taps his shoulder lightly.

“He appears to be searching for something, or just trying to destroy things. He is right above us in Nadja’s room.” He says as he watches Aaron leave for the kitchen. “Now he is in the kitchen, pulling items from the shelves and cupboard.”

“For a man his age he is such a selfish child.” The woman says with a hint of anger. “We can avoid this.” She says as she stands next to Viktor. “You need to wake up now, you have some distance to cover.”

With a loud popping sound and a flood of air pressing through his ears, Viktor wakes up from his resting place on the boulder of the cliff. The sun is shining brightly in his eyes and as he glances around, his phone is nowhere in sight. To him, this is like losing his lifeline.

“Damn it.” He says to himself as he carefully stands up. “How long was I out?”

The sun is very high in the sky, and to Viktor, it appears to be two or three in the afternoon. This means he laid here on this ledge for nearly four hours. Looking up from where he is, the climb to get back on the path seems nearly impossible. A steep wall of rock, tumbling gravel and roots from trees that span twice his height are the obstacles.

“How in the hell am I suppose to get up there without falling to my death.” He says to himself as he glances back at the sheer drop off behind him. “Well that’s where my phone went for sure.” He mumbles as he looks down at the trees and the bank of the lake.

Holding onto a tree root, he places his foot on the rough surface and pulls himself upward. Gravel begins to roll again as he places his other foot on the wall. Grabbing for the next lump of roots, Viktor slowly makes his way up the wall only slipping twice, but that was enough for him as he finally reaches the path and safety.

Sitting down for a break after a very busy morning in the factory, Nadja remembers she asked Viktor for a photograph. Pulling her phone from her pocket, she logs into the dream blog and opens his message. Her first reaction is shock, for she does recognize Viktor as the man in her dream. He was sitting with Aunt Josephine in front of the fireplace at the cottage and this makes her smile. His eyes are dark and hair disheveled from traveling but it is definitely the same person.


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