Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 135) Threat

In the photograph, through the window where Viktor was sitting on the train, is the old mill. Its position is near the tracks just before the first tunnel that passes through the edge of the mountain. It is now obvious to both Nadja and Carl that Viktor has indeed arrived at his destination.

“Sorry to interrupt.” Regina says as she taps at the frame around the open door. “Some guy just dropped this off for you, Nadja.” She says in a worried tone. “He wasn’t very nice about it either.”

“Thank you, Regina and I’m sorry if you were treated poorly.” Says Nadja for she suspects this encounter involves Aaron. “What happened?”

“He just stomped into the store, tossed this on the counter, and said to give it to you.” Regina states firmly. “He then told me I should start looking for a new job. Is there something I should know?”

“Oh good god.” Carl says in a disgusted tone. “Regina you have a very secure job, this jerk is just mad because Nadja here stood up to him. You have nothing to worry about.”

“Well, okay.” Regina states as she looks at Carl for a few seconds before walking away from the door.

“What have you got there, what stunt is this arrogant bastard pulling now?” Carl grumbles as he looks at the envelope.

Nadja slides the envelope from the table and slowly opens it. Inside is a wooden matchstick with the words, Soap Suds written on it.

“It is a threat to burn the shop.” Nadja says in a defeated manner. “Oh Carl, I cannot let anything happen to the shop. It is all we have! But even more importantly, it is Aunt Josephine’s legacy.”

“Nothing is going to happen to the factory. I’m going to alert the mayor and police now.” Carl says firmly as he rolls his uneaten sandwich back into its paper sleeve and stands up. “We will get him tossed out of town faster than you can hiccup!” He slides Nadja’s sandwich closer to her. “While I’m working on this, you need to go back up the mountain before the rain and snow hits, just in case anything does take place here.”

“I don’t want you to get hurt, Carl!” Nadja says firmly.

“I’m not going to get hurt, here is the extra key to my cabin, stay there until I join you and we will both go to your cottage and see if this Viktor guy is there.” Carl’s expression is very serious. “The shop will be closed due to bad weather anyhow, so there is no need for you to stick around to see if Aaron acts on his threats.”

“But I. . .” Nadja’s starts to say but is interrupted by Carl.

“But nothing! Josie would want you safe and I will see to it that you are.” Carl takes Nadja’s hand in his. “I am going to get you safely to the station and then you stay put at my place until I get there, okay? It will be alright.”

With that being said, Carl grabs Nadja’s backpack, places both sandwiches inside and they both leave out the back door of the shop. Within five minutes, she is on the train waiting for it to pull away from the station.


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