Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 137) Astonished

Viktor clears his throat and taps three times on the wooden door of the cottage. He can feel his hands getting sweaty and the wind is picking up causing the dry stems of flowers long gone to rustle where they stand. Knock, knock, knock he taps at the door again but still, there is no sound from inside. Stepping to the left, he peeks in through the living room window and is astonished. He has not just had dreams about similar things, but every single detail in this room is exactly as he sees it in his dreams. It is unbelievable to him how much everything matches up.

“Wow, you’ve got to be kidding.” He whispers as he turns around to look behind him.

The wind is beginning to howl through the trees as many leaves swirl and fall to the ground. With a large number of evergreen trees in the area, there is a static or white noise as the gusts rush down the ridge of the mountain. It is as if the air must follow the trail as well. With a heavy boom, another clap of thunder shakes the ground, and now the sun is beginning to fade. Looking up Viktor can now see the heavy black clouds rolling through the sky taking the world from a bright yellow glow to blue and gray in color.

The train sounds its whistle as a last warning for everyone to board and it is now that a small crowd is gathering on the landing. The yelling is catching Nadja’s attention and as she looks up, she sees Aaron sprinting in her direction, his scarf loose around his neck and his long coat unbuttoned catching the wind. Immediately he his stopped by two police officers who begin pulling him back toward the ticket area. Carl is off to the right and makes eye contact with Nadja just as the train begins to pull away.

“We are not done, Nadja!” She hears Aaron screaming at the top of his lungs. “We are not done here!”


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