Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 138) Droplets

Even though she was not in immediate danger of Aaron approaching her, Nadja is still shaking violently to the point she sits on her hands in the seat.

“What on earth was that all about?” She hears one woman ask her husband from a few seats behind.

Embarrassment consumes Nadja, not only for herself but for Aaron as well. How is it that he cannot see how wrong his actions are? What is the missing component in his brain that allows him to step over the line time after time? There is fear in her for she cannot help but wonder if he will break free and now he knows for sure she is going back to the cottage.

“I think I’ve made a mistake.” She mumbles as she tries to call Carl. “Come on Carl, pick up.” She whispers.

There is no answer from Carl and as Nadja looks out the window of the train, she sees the sun disappearing behind storm clouds. The pull to the engine is now stronger as the hills become steep. Passing by the old mill, Nadja pays extra attention to it because it was the backdrop to Viktor’s photograph. On her phone, she pulls up his message and stares at his picture.

“He looks nice, just like he acts when I have talked with him.” She says in her mind as she saves the photo to her phone.

At this time, the train goes dark as it passes through the first long tunnel on its way up the mountain.

The storm moving in from the west is bringing with it the scent of rain. However, at this time no droplets of water have started to fall along the ridge of the mountain.

“I need to get inside before I become a drowned rat.” Viktor says to himself as he jiggles the handle of the front door and once again looks in through the living room window. “Maybe Nadja is napping.” He says to himself as he looks through the glass into her bedroom. “Nope, I guess I’m going to have to let myself in.”

Since the cottage and its belongings have been one hundred percent accurate to his dreams, Viktor hopes he can get into the back door without having to break any glass. Running around the side of the cottage the storm begins to pick up in intensity. Lightning strikes very close to where he is and thunder roars immediately after causing Viktor to truly worry about his own safety. Running up to the kitchen door at the back of the cottage, he tries to turn the handle, but it too is locked up tight.

“Oh this is great.” He says as he looks around for anything to use as a makeshift umbrella.


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