Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 139) Rain

It is at this moment that Viktor sees the perfect circle that is cut into the glass of the window. At first, he thinks this is an illusion but then realizes this must be how Aaron managed to enter the dwelling.

“What a jerk.” Viktor says as he sticks his hand through the opening to unlatch the lock on the window, but it is in the open position. “Well he definitely knows what he is doing.” He says aloud as he enters the kitchen through the window. “He even knew to conceal it behind the curtain.”

Once inside, Viktor shuts the window and pulls a wooden spoon out of the second drawer he opens. He wedges it between the part of the window that slides up and the top of the frame.

“There ya go Aaron. It won’t be so easy to get in next time.” He mumbles angrily.

However, Viktor realizes if it was not for Aaron’s disgusting ways, he would not be standing inside a dry house and out of the rain that has begun to pour down outside.

“Yeah, sooooo. . . how am I going to explain this to Nadja without looking like a total liar?” Viktor says as he drops his bag onto the floor near the back door. “Damn I wish I had my phone, I cannot believe I lost it.”

He takes a glass from one of the cabinets and fills it with water from the tap. Until now, he did not realize how thirsty he was. In counting the time since he left the nice old couple after a delicious breakfast, he walked for thirty minutes but once he fell down the cliff, he knows he lost about four or five hours. Now that he is thinking about it, his neck and the back of his head are aching with pain.

“I must have really hit hard.” He says as he gulps down the last bit of water in the glass. “Well, now all I can do is wait, or better yet, see if what I dream really is real. I need to see if that hidden room that is in the big bedroom is really there.”


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