Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 140) Rustic

Viktor grabs his travel bag with one hand and walks to the living room where he sets it on the sofa cushion. Continuing on through the living room into Josephine’s bedroom, Viktor looks for the little lock and latch that exposed the entrance to a ladder.

“Hum, it must not be as easy to find as I thought or, it isn’t real.” Viktor says aloud but then he notices it.

There at the bottom left, near a book about spices and herbs is a small lock attached to the wood frame of the cabinet. Flipping it up, the shelf opens to a dark room below the cottage.

“This is so cool.” He grins as he peeks down into the darkness. “I can tell it’s a room but to keep myself from being in more trouble with Nadja, I better just build a fire and sit it out. It’s not like she can contact me or anything.” He shakes his head, disgusted with himself for losing his cell phone.

Pulling the latch back to its original position, the shelf easily glides into place and the lock clicks shut. Standing up he heads back to the living room and begins to crumple paper to start a fire. There is plenty of wood in the bin but he knows he will need to bring more in once the rain stops. At this point, Viktor is unaware there is a severe rainstorm coming and the predictions are calling for extreme flooding followed by layers of snow.

Keeping true to Carl’s directions after arriving at the train station, Nadja walks directly to his cabin and lets herself inside. It is a cozy place with his taste much in line with that of Aunt Josephine’s, but on a more rustic masculine side. Thick iron lanterns and lamps as well as deep colors adorn his place with a wood stove centered in the main room for heating purposes. The sweet scent of cherry tobacco fills the air much like the scent of soap fills the cottage. Even though it is a comfortable and relaxing place, Nadja feels jittery, on edge, and finds herself pacing from the main room back to the kitchen, checking the locks on the doors and windows each time.

“The police have Aaron, I saw this with my own eyes.” She mumbles to her nervous self. “But he is so sly and manipulative; there is no telling what his side of the story will be.” She says as she stops to look out the window. Thunder rumbles at the glass and rain begins to fall almost immediately after. “Oh great, the rain is here.”


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