Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 141) Control

Looking at her phone, Nadja does not see a reply from Viktor nor does she have an update from Carl as to what is happening with Aaron. She just wants him gone, away from the village and out of her life forever. Just as she is about to call Carl, a message comes in from him.

“My dear, the fungus has been ejected from the village and is currently in a police car heading out of town. The authorities contacted airport security to make sure that upon his arrival he boards the next plane out. They will call back here to confirm.” The message reads and Nadja feels a bit of relief.

“That is very good news Carl, are you on the train and heading this way?” Nadja quickly replies.

“Yes, I just boarded the last train up the mountain. Forest rangers have reported it has already started raining up on the ridge, is this true?” Carl questions.

“Yes, unfortunately it is and with heavy thunder as well.” She states quickly.

“With this being the last run up, even if the dimwit returned, and he won’t, then he would have a heck of a time climbing up to our location. Ha! I’d love to see him try!” Carl replies in a sarcastic manner. “I will see you in a little while and we will head to the cottage to see if your friend arrived. If I don’t like his demeanor, I may have to kick him out as well!” He ends his message with a smiley face icon.

“Ha ha! Sounds like a good plan, I will see you soon. Thank you Carl.” Nadja replies as she smiles at Carl’s comments.

Pulling from her purse the sandwich Carl purchased for her lunch, she begins to unwrap it, but then realizes she is not hungry and tucks it back in place. Her thoughts go back to the night she left Aaron. He was so cruel yet she remained in control and it is now, while looking back, that she realizes how strong she was to take the step out the door. She felt a dread and was full of fear, but she made her move and stuck with it.


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