Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 142) Expelled

Seeing Aaron today, with the police controlling him, Nadja cannot deny it felt good. In fact, it almost made her laugh for as long as she has known him, he always gets his way. No one ever denies him anything for they know he will simply take what he wants anyhow. Yet today, for a few minutes, he was the one in the demeaning position, he was denied access to the train, and then expelled from the village.

“Wow. I have to admit that was great.” Nadja says as she turns away from the window. “I need to reach out to Viktor, I’m not sure where he is and he has not replied to my last message. I hope he is not lost out in this storm.”

She types a quick message, explaining she realizes from the photograph that he is here and was on the train. She then, once again, asks where he might be currently and goes on to warn him about the weather conditions.

With a toasty fire warming the cottage, Viktor looks out the window near the front door. The world around this little place is beautiful, even with the wind and rain pushing its way through. The low plants and evergreen shrubs seem to glisten from the rain soaking their foliage and branches. The sky is dark but with a strange pale yellow color to it as well. It is almost as if the sun is shining on the clouds from somewhere in the distance, which gives him hope the storm will pass before nightfall.

“Oh I just remembered!” Viktor says to himself about his latest dream as he turns to look at the wall to his left.

The short wall that the front door bumps into when opened all the way, is also the area where he found an access panel to a tight and steep staircase. He remembers dreaming this when he lost consciousness after his fall earlier in the afternoon.

“Okay, let’s see what we have here. This would be so cool if it turned out to be real.” Viktor says as he kneels down next to the wood paneling.


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