Doors To Mirrors (Excerpt 143) 1970

The wood is inlaid in tongue and groove fashion from the floor to the ceiling in thin strips. Sliding his hand along the boards, he tries to feel if any of them are loose or have a gap in them, but they feel sturdy and straight. Next, he begins knocking on the wood with his knuckles and once he hits the very center of the wall, a hollow sound emits from the polished panel.

“Well what have we here?” He questions as he tries to place his fingernails in one of the grooves.

The wood will not budge and just as he is about to give up, a log shifts in the fireplace causing his already on edge nerves to jump and he falls against the wall. With a pop and a quick squeak, the thin panel opens just a crack.

“Ah seriously?” Viktor whispers.

Pulling the panel open, he finds exactly what he saw in his dream, a dark, extremely thin and very steep staircase leading down below the cottage. On the wall across from the first step is a light switch.

“You have got to be kidding me.” He grins as he flips the switch and looks down the staircase. “I always like my dreams better than reality so I sure hope I’m not still on the plane dreaming this entire day.” He laughs.

Nervous about Nadja walking in on his snooping adventures, he quickly runs to the window and looks out at the path. Just as before, it is barren, wet and growing darker by the minute. He glances at the fire to make sure it is secure and then proceeds to walk down the narrow steps. The floor is made of packed dirt, and wooden racks full of dusty bottles and old wooden shipping crates line the walls. Pulling one of the bottles from the shelf, he reads the label and date, which states 1970.


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